Marko von Bismarck Blog (Germany) 1.4.2016

Macbeth - Premiere 31.3.2016

"Der Star des Abends: James Edgar Knight er hat als Macduff mehr als nur überzeugt und wurde zu recht gefeiert nach seinem unglaublich ergreifenden Solo ! Große Stimme, großartiger Kerl!"


The star of the evening: James Edgar Knight was more than convincing as Macduff and was rightly celebrated after his incredibly poignant solo! Great voice, great guy!

Gestern im Badischen Staatstheater in Karlsruhe Blog (Germany) 28.12.2015

Le prophète - 27.12.2015

"Stimmlich besonders beeindrucken können auch James Edgar Knight als Jonas."


Especially impressive vocally was James Edgar Knight as Jonas.

Badische Neueste Nachrichten (Karlsruhe) 21.12.2015

My Fair Lady - Premiere 18.12.2015

"Mit einer gehörigen Portion Schmalz versieht der Tenor James Edgar Knight den verknallten Schwärmer Freddy."


With a generous helping of schmaltz, tenor James Edgar Knight performed the infatuated dreamer Freddy.

Le blog du Wanderer (France) 7.12.2015

Le prophète - 28.11.2015

"[De] trois anabaptistes ... James Edgar Knight (Jonas) ... [Était] tout à fait excellents, belle présence et jolis ensembles..."


Of the three anabaptists, James Edgar Knight (Jonas) was absolutely excellent, beautiful presence and lovely ensembles ...

Rheinpfalz (Germany) 26.10.2015

Le prophète - Premiere 22.10.2015

"Aus dem Terzett, der Wiedertäufer ... James Edgar Knight ... ragte heraus durch stimmlich musikalische Qualität und schauspielerische Eleganz."


From the trio, the Anabaptists ... James Edgar Knight ... stood out through vocal musical quality and theatrical elegance.

BNN (Germany) 24.10.2015

Le prophète - Premiere 22.10.2015

"Die korrupten Aufwiegler wurden bei ... James Edgar Knight als brav geglättetem Jonas."


[Among] the corrupt agitators ... James Edgar Knight performed as the bold yet smoothed Jonas.

Gestern im Badischen Staatstheater in Karlsruhe Blog (Germany) 24.9.2015

Falstaff - 23.9..2015

"Der australische Tenor James Edgar Knight ist ein Sänger von Statur und Stimme: groß (über 1,90m) und bereits mit volumenreichem Klang. Wenn er in den nächsten Jahren sein Potenzial noch konsequent weiter steigern kann, wird er Hauptrollen in populären Opern übernehmen. Für zwei Jahre hat er in Karlsruhe unterschrieben - seine Entwicklung könnte vielversprechende Perspektiven eröffnen."


The Australian tenor James Edgar Knight is a singer of both large stature (over 1.90m) and voice: already with a rich voluminous sound. If he can consistently increase his potential in the coming years, he will take leading roles in popular operas. For two years, he has signed in Karlsruhe - his development could open up very promising prospects.

BNN (Germany) 22.9.2015

Falstaff - Premiere 20.9.2015

"Während James Edgar Knight seinen Fenton im Stil und mit der Stimme eines Manrico anzugehen schien."


James Edgar Knight appeared to approach his Fenton in the style and with the voice of Manrico.

Voce di Meche (USA) - 24.5.2015

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 - Carnegie Hall 24.5.2015

"An emotionally penetrating sound was achieved by tenor James Edgar Knight.”

Voce di Meche (USA) - 5.5.2015

NYFOS@Henry’s - May, 2015

"From Sid Caesar's Little Me, James Edgar Knight performed "Real Live Girl" by Coleman & Leigh. This gave him ample opportunity to display his prodigious comic chops.”

Voce di Meche (USA) - 10.4.2015

Russian Repertoire Liederabend - The Juilliard School, 9.4.2015

"James Edgar Knight performed some fine songs by Rachmaninoff which were wildly passionate and Mr. Knight used his tenor in a manner that emphasized this passion. Our favorite was the popular "Do not sing, my beauty, to me", the haunting melody referencing Russian suffering.

It was a bit of a relief to hear the more wistful "A Dream" in which Mr. Knight brought it down a notch. The hopeful and seasonable "Spring Waters" ended the set.  Mr. Knight seems to taste the words he sings, which we love.  His voice is very powerful!”

Voce di Meche (USA) - 2.4.2015

Master of Music Graduation Recital - The Juilliard School, 1.4.2015

"Tenor James Edgar Knight strode onstage clearly eager to delight the audience and delight he did. No shining armor on this knight but rather a suave velvet jacket and bowtie; sporting a David Niven moustache, he looked rather debonair. He and his glamorous collaborative pianist Sophia Muñoz made an elegant pair.

His love of singing was infectious. He made the effort to translate all the texts--French, German, Italian, and Russian--into English.  This clearly showed in the singing which was full of commitment and connection. Further, he demonstrated comfort with different types of material from lied to Broadway; we definitely heard the Steven Blier influence.

He began the program with our three favorite Duparc songs. He sang "L'invitation au voyage" with a powerful round sound, painting a picture that was more than usually visible to the mind's eye. We loved the way he swelled into a full crescendo. "Le manoir de Rosemonde" was filled with excitement and urgency.  In "Phidylé" he brought it down several notches and emphasized the delicacy of the text. One could not tear away one's eyes or ears.

The same connection with the material was evident in the five songs of Richard Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder.  Violinist Basma Edrees and cellist Talya Buckbinder joined Ms. Muñoz for the gorgeous accompaniment. Our personal favorite is always "Im Treibhaus" with its pattern of four ascending notes reminding us of Tristan und Isolde. 

Mr. Knight won our heart with "On the Street Where You Live" from Frederick Loewe's My Fair Lady. He sang it with romantic fervor and involvement.

We also greatly enjoyed the trio of Tosti songs. Although not the possessor of an Italianate timbre, Mr. Knight could never be accused of lacking Italian passion. "L'ultima canzone", Ideale", and "Non t'amo più" were equally stirring-- but the first offering has that melismatic vocalise at the end that drove us wild.

The program closed with three Rachmaninoff songs. In "Do not sing, my beauty" he floated his high notes ethereally and the piano accompaniment was more than usually stirring.  The seasonally appropriate "Spring Waters" was luscious.

It was the encore that engaged us the most. We are convinced that Mr. Knight was channeling Richard Tauber for whom "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" was written by Franz Lehár; it was for the 1929 operetta Das Land des Lächelns.  Fritz Löhner-Beda wrote the romantic lyrics that scan and rhyme and go perfectly with the music. It was just the right end to the recital which was given to fulfill the requirements for a Master of Music Degree from Juilliard.”

Voce di Meche (USA) - January 2015

NYFOS@Juilliard - January 2015

"Tenor James Edgar Knight made a huge impression with "Captain Hook's Waltz" from Comden and Green's 1954 Peter Pan.  The music is tuneful, the lyrics are funny and Mr. Knight used his background in musical comedy to create a wonderful character.  He created a totally different character in "Real Live Girl" from Coleman and Leigh's 1962 Little Me.” (USA) - January 2014

NYFOS@Juilliard - January 2014

"Knight gave a bravura performance on “Napoleon” from “Have a Heart.” He had a Swiss Army of characters at his disposal and the visual of a tall man admiring Napoleon was equally delicious. Very much a crowd favorite, and just when the song seemed at an end, a reprise got the adrenaline going again!”

Voce di Meche (USA) - November 2013

Opera Index Competition Prize Winner Gala - November 2013

"Tenor James Edgar Knight has a warm romantic sound that was perfectly suited to Lehar's "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" from The Land of Smiles.  His training in musical theater as well as in opera makes him a double-threat.  His dynamism engaged the audience and drew us in.  He seemed to change the colors of his voice with great ease, but we are sure it took a lot of study and work to achieve that flow.”

Opera News : Joanne Sydney Lessner (USA) - October 2013

L’elisir d’amore - Premiere 12.7.2013

"Towering over the rest of the cast, tenor James Knight used his lanky height as a physical manifestation of his outsider status, making him an adorably dorky and winning Nemorino. His tenor, a touch grainy in the middle, blossomed on top. His Italian diction was unaffectedly conversational, and his facial expressions were priceless. Knight is the kind of gifted singing actor who brings everyone else up to his level.”

Voce di Meche (USA) - July 2013

L’elisir d’amore - Premiere 12.7.2013

"James Edgar Knight was a loveable simpleton, awkward and ingenuous.  (Appearing awkward onstage was a masterpiece of acting for the suave and handsome tenor.) His famous aria "Una furtiva lagrima" was unmatched in its expression of unbridled joy.  Mr. Knight's performance was emotional and included a stunning messa di voce.” : Elizabeth Frayer (USA) - July 2013

L’elisir d’amore - Premiere 12.7.2013

"James Edgar Knight as Nemorino clearly took advantage of the acting focus of the Arroyo program.  He was great physically with good gestures and movement around the stage while playing the lovesick, and later drunk, Nemorino.”

Neumarketer Nachrichten (Germany) August, 2012

Liederabend, IMA 5.8.2012

"Viel Vergnügen gab es beim Dandy der Truppe, dem Tenor James Edgar Knight: viel Gefühl, heldische Töne, große Opernemphase."


Much pleasure was provided by the dandy of the company, tenor James Edgar Knight: with a lot of emotion, heroic tones, and great operatic emphasis. (Germany) July, 2012

Orchestra Gala, IMA 21.7.2012

"Der erst 20-jährige australische Tenor James Knight, der an der Mannes College in New York studiert, erregte bereits großes Aufsehen mit seinem außergewöhnlichen Talent."


The 20-year old Australian tenor James Knight, who studied at the Mannes College in New York, already caused a great sensation with his extraordinary talent.